How to Relieve Stress While Moving Forward Professionally

How to Relieve Stress While Moving Forward Professionally


Time. There’s just not enough of it to get everything done, especially if you’ve set some ambitious goals for yourself, your business or your career. Perhaps that makes you feel overwhelmed, overburdened and stressed out, which is a perfectly natural reaction. The problem comes in how you deal with that pressure, often by spending more time at work and neglecting your health and personal life.

That’s a mistake, as that only harms your well-being, resilience and ability to tackle challenges with energy and confidence. The key is to make some positive, life-affirming changes to your lifestyle so you can stay on top mentally, physically and professionally. Here are some ideas that may help.

Get Help With Chores

Sometimes, when there’s too much to do, you just have to stop doing stuff. Your responsibilities at work — whether it’s balancing a budget or rolling out a new marketing plan — probably shouldn’t be on the chopping block, but you can leave the household chores to someone else. Qualified housekeepers, landscapers and dog walkers are open for business, and they’ll take a load off your mind and give you more time for what matters in your life and career.

Take a Walk in the Park

There’s probably one right near your home or office, and a short walk around among the trees always takes the edge off. In fact, according to one study, just looking at scenes of nature in a book makes you feel less stressed, more empathetic and more in tune with your inner self. Now you know what to do on your next lunch break if you want to attack the rest of your afternoon with a positive mood and plenty of energy.

Use Breathing Techniques

Here’s something you can do without even leaving your desk, and all you need is your lungs. According to Greatist, these six breathing exercises will bring you back to a state of calm when the day’s events have gotten the best of you. They include the simple method of equal breathing, in which you inhale and exhale to a count of four, and the more advanced “Skull Shining Breath,” which engages your diaphragm and requires some practice.

Learn Some Quick Recipes

Your diet is essential to your physical and mental well-being, so eating right should be a priority if you want to feel relaxed and on top of your game. That does not mean spending countless hours at the grocery store reading labels, as all you need are wholesome ingredients like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, along with some recipes that allow you to cook up a delicious meal in just 15 minutes or less. The culinary masters at Cook the Story have what you need, and offer recipes for dishes such as tortilla soup and avocado basil pasta.

Exercise Efficiently

Besides helping you sweat out any negative emotions, like anger and frustration, physical activity produces a flood of “feel-good” neurotransmitters in your brain called endorphins that leave you with a buzz after every workout. Meanwhile, the science of fitness has advanced to the point where you can gain these benefits through high-intensity workouts that don’t eat up hours of your time.

Practice Mindfulness

You can choose from meditation, yoga or tai chi. What all these activities have in common is rhythmic breathing and a focus on feeling the sensations that run through you to enhance the connection between mind and body. In doing this, you engage your parasympathetic nervous system, which shuts off feelings of stress and anxiety. This leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, and it only takes minutes.

With less stress comes better sleep and more energy, which is what you really need to succeed. There’s no choice but to take a close look at your schedule and make some changes. The only other option is to burn out and watch it all slip away.

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