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P.O. Box 801252, Santa Clarita 91380, California, United States


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Phoebe Luna provides overnight protection for hair and skin while you sleep in order to reduce acne, breakage, dryness, frizz, night sweats, and wrinkles with our all natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and Original Design Pure Silk Hair Scarves.

THIS IS THE ONLY PILLOWCASE YOU WILL EVER WANT OR NEED. Phoebe Luna Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases are one of the best silk pillowcases for hair and skin. Made from the highest silk grade, hair will no longer encounter resistance as you move and change positions during the night. End overnight hair breakage and strands left behind on a cotton pillowcase. Once you sleep on our ultra smooth 100% mulberry silk pillowcases, you will never be able to sleep on anything else. We invite you to compare our quality to the popular luxury $80 brand & save. Experience the exact same quality without paying for the celebrity endorsement.

Made from 100% pure silk, our scarves are all natural, breathable, retain moisture and smooth hair. The long silk fibers will not pull or trap hair strands while our gorgeous jewel tone colors allow you to protect and style hair without sacrificing your appearance.


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P.O. Box 801252, Santa Clarita 91380, California, United States

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